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creative director

project manager

Melissa Mitchell


artist advocate

Ben Jason Neal


media manager



Want to collaborate on a project? We’d love to talk about how POPP=D  ART can work with you to bring your vision to life. Every activation is unique, so costs and fees will vary. Drop us a line and let’s chat! For booking and information, email us at hello@poppedart.gallery.


A small gallery space with a campy style, POPP=D ART brings a vibrant dose of creative nostalgia along for the ride. Our repurposed 1963 Rainbow caravan is a tiny venue – at times a project space, a gallery, a shop, or a gathering space – at other times, all of these..

POPP=D ART is a mobile roving art piece that brings one-of-a-kind art experiences to the people. We like to say “It doesn’t have to be in a museum to be art”. This creative, collaborative, ever-changing space challenges the notions of what and where art can be and who art is for.


In 2013, we activated a vacant storefront on an urban strip in Cincinnati called Short Vine by opening a pop up gallery with the intention of engaging the community and breathing new life into the neighborhood. Our funky, non-stuffy art gallery grew a following, but needed to move on when the building was due to be renovated. Wanting to keep the momentum, our team took the gallery mobile with the support of a grant from People’s Liberty 2015.


Our mission is to increase community interaction using the power of art within public spaces in a unique and vibrant way.

2019 Schedule TBD Keep in touch via social media links below for quickest updates

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Past Events

Fotofocus - Impression Exhibit - Camp Washington – Oct 10-13
DeSales Café - Starfire - Walnut Hills - Sept 26 5pm-7pm
Behringer-Crawford Museum - Covington – Sept 1
Shakespeare in the Park - Keehner Park - West Chester – Aug 25
Evendale Big Art Party – Evendale Cultural Arts Center – August 10
Teen Prom - Contemporary Arts Center – May 4
Art Hop on Main - Hamilton – May 11
19x18: The Parking Lot Art Experiment - Camp Washington – May 20
walk on woodburn – november 10th 6pm-9pm 2017
pyramid hill sculpture park – october 6th-15th open daily park hours
unlock the block latonia – july 22nd 4pm-10pm
carwash: wave pool pool party and car bed show – august 19th 2pm-7pm
9x18: The Parking Lot Experiment – April 30th 2017 1pm–5pm
Cincinnati Art Museum – April 20th 2017 6pm-8pm
Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire – October 8th-9th 9am-6pm 2016
Art off Pike – September 25th 11am-5pm 2016
Old KY Makers Market – September 2nd 5pm-10pm 2016
Pyramid Hill – August 19th 5pm-9pm 2016
Evendale Big Art Party – August 12th 6pm-9pm 2016
Riddle Road Market – July 23 7pm-10pm 2016
City Flea – June 18th 2016 10am-4pm 2016

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